Public Relations

Events need to be planned, executed and communicated so that the target audience doesn’t easily forget it. When planning an event, the company’s values and business priorities need to be kept in mind. Events can turn out to be a great marketing tool for your company. Participating in them can generate media and social buzz about your business in electronic, print and social media.

Sanket’s PR Events planning includes conceptualising an event from the beginning to end in every aspect. It includes:

  • Establishing event dates
  • Conceptualising event theme
  • Booking onsite talent
  • Identify key sponsors
  • Arranging speakers
  • Interacting with vendors – caterers, clean-up crew, decorators, photography & videography etc.
  • Production of promotional and event collaterals
  • Developing online footprints for the event – website, social media like Facebook & Twitter etc.
  • Handling media relations
  • Coordinating Curtain Raiser Press Conference
  • Guest lists and invitations
  • On venue Media Management
  • One-O-One & Group Media Interactions, Media Releases, Special Stories / Interviews
  • Post-event follow-up for coverage
  • Monitoring Coverage & forwarding the soft copy
  • Preparation of final Coverage dossier